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Protegido: Dream Team laboral de Zerch Izimoni

mayo 15, 2019

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Hacer dinero en línea con Zerch Izimoni

mayo 11, 2019


Me adentré en el mundo de los mini-trabajos en línea, tipo ver publicidades por $0.001 c/u. En este post en desarrollo agregaré websites y Apps a explorar.

Mi nombre de gurú digital: Zerch Izimoni.

Me encantaría te unieras a mi Dream Team de trabajo, pues muchos websites pagan por remitidos, y dan comisiones.

De entrada, las ganancias son paupérrimas; pero la idea es aprovechar tiempo muerto e ir echándole bolas hasta que se convierta en una fuente de ingreso extra.

Prefiero que mi equipo de trabajo fuesen panas, pero si llegaste a este post por casualidad, eres bienvenido: dejarme tus datos en los comentarios.

Quienes pasen a formar parte del equipo accedan por acá:

Dream Team laboral de Zerch Izimoni



Meta primer mes: hacer $3. Para el segundo: hacer $30

Compilation: The ultimate NES cover art sets for the NES/SNES Classic

diciembre 9, 2018

[ work in progress post ]

If you are looking for:

# box art scans
# add nes classic boxes
# snes classic cartridges
# more covers for my nintendo hacks
# upload a good set on hakchi
# nes mini gallery mod

I’ll give you the best, well know options; in the best explicative and well comprehensive list:

3-D Battles of Worldrunner (NES)

1.- Nintendo NES 2D by Karakenio
Art style: 2D boxes.

● 1169 US, EUR, JP & bootlegs*.

My take: This are just regular 2D game covers, nothing fancy, just like the original 30 the NES Classics has. I’m currently working on the set, *you can check the updates & versions here: ‘NES Classic mod: Nintendo NES 2D by Karakenio

I’m also working on a mod that I think I’m going to call:
‘NES Minimal Mod By Karakenio’ (post coming soon).

LINK for download ain’t ready (Lleave me a comment to get what i have already, but you can check the improvement I’ll ve making, here:

3-D WorldRunner (USA)

2.- Nintendo_NES_by_RetroKenesis
Art style: 3D boxes.

● 830 US.

My take: I think this is like the standar for people into mod & emulation. Not my cup of tea, I don’t like those side arts, are thicker than originals boxes and desings not matching the originals. The size of the images is big also: 600px height, when the maximum for the NES Classic arts is 204px.

Adventure Island 4

2.2.- Nintendo_NES_Art_rubbishmonkey
Art style: 3D boxes.

● 51 Homebrew
● 95 Famicom (on vertical format).

My take: Is more like a compliment to the RetroKenesis US set.

3-D WorldRunner (USA)

3.- Nintendo_NES_Cart_Images_V5_by_Soulctcher
Art style: 2D cartridges.

● 657 US.
● 37 EUR.
● 82 Unlicensed Carts.
● 16 “World” (this are the original black label ones)
● 199 FDS.
● 61 Unlicensed FDS
● 10 “GameCube Edition”.
● 15 Templates.

My take: The organization of this release is pretty, folders for each type. Sadly Soulctcher did not took full advantage of the max size posible for the artworks, and using cartridge style makes the actual ‘cover art’ even smaller. Where are talking of a size reduction bigger than 50%! (compared to my 2D covers) Altough cartridge looks cool and this set is well done… is not my cup of tea. Maybe for a famicom collection this style could make it for me, since cartridges in Japan are variant in size/color/shape.

3-D WorldRunner (USA)

4.- Nintendo_NES_Carts_Vector_by_EM
Art style: 3D Cartridges.

●  786 US.

My take: wow that style looks very profesional, and the entire set is very well done as well, is 100% consistent. Again, cartridge-look is not what Im looking for my NES mini, the artworks gets reduced and is very repetitive. Cons:
– Images are 609px (that’s no a big deal since the can be resized in batch).
– If you need more artworks in this style there will be no easy to find/make.
If you are looking just for the NES US only, this could be your thing, even more if you dig the ‘NES Minimal Mod By Karakenio’ (post comming soon).

!!! All the previous artwork sets are preserved by KMFDManiac (a know and helpful guy on the scene), you can find them on his Mega.Nz link:!e55DVTqA!jkfylvaQ-6I0Y59Ov1SamA!esxWyCCC

3-D WorldRunner (USA)

5.- Title Screens (Named_Titles)
Art style: 2D Pixelart.

●  2779 US, EUR, JP, and demos.

My take: Did you know Nintendo originally planned to have these artworks on the NES Classic Edition!?
“(…) the original plan was only to show the title screen of the various games on the menu UI since dealing with copyrights would be difficult. But when they put up those on the menu, everything was basically in black, since it was common for title screens at the time to be on a black background.” Vía.

Some arts get repeated 2-3 times. And some HAVE to get repeated because the games are too similars (let’s say a demo vs the final cut). Sad detail: these images (original nes resolution) are not exactly the pixel size the NES mini uses. These are put toghether in LibRetro (Link later)

3-D WorldRunner (USA)

6.- Gameplay (Named_Snaps)

Art style: 2D Pixelart.

●  2782 US, EUR, JP, and demos.

My take: This is the best way to know how the gameplay actually looks like, and you dont get deceive by those 80′-90’s rad artworks with shitty games inside. These are put toghether too in LibRetro (Link later)

3-D Battles of WorldRunner

7.- Azvarel RetroGamer on Youtube
Art style: 2D Pixelart + 3D cover art + logo.

●  1319 US, EUR, JP, and bootlegs.


8.- Nintendo Entertainment System 3D Box Pack 1.0.3 (by Kondorito)
Art style: 3D box.

●  947 US, EUR, JP, and demos. (?)

My take: 409x632px / 359.79 MB. Wow, I gotta take my hat off. Kudos to Kondorito, one of the best on the ‘scene of cover arts’. These are not the common box artworks with fake spines, these are the “”real”” deal, like an actual cover.

9.- Nintendo NES 2D Boxes Pack 2.0 (By Circo)
Art style: 2D boxes.

●  851 US?
467.03 MB | PNG | 496×680 | Naming Convention No-Intro / HyperBase.

My take: Nice, this is what I originaly was looking for, just the original 2D covers. Nice plus is that this collection seems to get updated constantly. On the other hand, arts can be improved and doesn’t have the actual size for the NES Classic.


** More places where you can find individual cover arts:
– LibRetro (link later).

PD1. You can check the updates & versions of the 1st set here:
NES Classic mod: Nintendo NES 2D by Karakenio

PD2. I’m also working on a mod:
‘NES Minimal Mod By Karakenio’
(post comming soon).

PD3. If you need any design or pixelart work. Let me know, I’m taking commision$ (Maybe a pixelart caricature? a loading image for the hakchi NES Classic?).

NES Classic mod: Nintendo NES 2D by Karakenio

diciembre 9, 2018

Made up box cover for the famicom unlicensed/bootleg(?) game ‘3D BLOCK’. For my mod v1.0.

I found a real big file online (via an old reddit post*) with most of the covers on this set. I’m currently adding more covers to complete the gallery for my ideal NES roms:
– full US
– Unlicensed
– EUR only
– JP Only
– Homebrews
I think it will end up being like 1400 roms & covers.

Follows the design style Nintendo Uses.
Easy to edit, or add more games.
Uses full height posible on the NES Classic, 204 px.

(or 228 px. weight for JP)

I’m currently working slowly on this, since I’m hacking my NES Classic. Leave a comment with your contacts if you want what I have so far, or want to contribute. I need help looking for the artworks, and filtering the roms.

I got my roms from Azvarel RetroGamer on Youtube. It even contained artworks for everything, but I think they weren’t thought for the NES Classic, and I didn’t liked them; that represented the star for my NES 2D cover set.

LINK for download ain’t ready, but you can check the improvement I’ll ve making, here:

Roms game list, in a Google Spreadsheet:
(you can leave comments there)

*”un-dox  | 1 year ago
How about my personal collection? 1,168 NES, Famicom, and FDS covers done by me. The only games not included are the ones that require special controllers like the Zapper or Power Pad. Many of the covers do not have good-quality images (torn and frayed sections, sticker labels, scanner noise), so I went and fixed them to make them print quality. They are all in Mini’s dimensions, so all that necessary is to drag and drop into each game or stick them directly into game’s folder.

‘Nintendo NES 2D by Karakenio’ versions:

Version 1.0
●  1169 US, EUR & JP (unsorted)
● width for JP famicom 204 px. (needs fix)
● JP games float in center.

Version 1.1
On develop.

PD1. You can find more cover art sets on my post:
Compilation: The ultimate NES cover art sets for the NES/SNES Classic‘.

PD2. I’m also working on a mod that I think I’m going to call:
NES Minimal Mod By Karakenio
(post comming soon).

PD3. If you need any design or pixelart work. Let me know, I’m taking commision$ (Maybe a pixelart caricature? a loading image for the hakchi NES Classic?).

¿Dónde puedo hacer donaciones humanitarias?

abril 18, 2017

Para cerrar el reto de 30 días posteando, queremos* invitarlos a donar el monto que puedan para una de las mejores fundaciones humanitarias hoy en día, Charity Water [Agua De Caridad]. El enlace directo para la campaña es el siguiente:

“Agua limpia para una aldea”

*El resto de participantes del reto:
Amalia Correcher Calap
Amílcar Ortega
Carlos Jiménez
Eddie Godoy
Ed Villanueva
Flavio Amiel
Kike Garcia
Christian Korwan
Tania Uchasara
Para solucionar el problema de hambre en el mundo, coincido con Sam Kinison:

Protegido: Descuento Godaddy con Groupon

diciembre 29, 2012

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Google Reader Backlash on Facebook

noviembre 2, 2011

Doctor Laser

octubre 10, 2011


Datos antivirus

octubre 6, 2011

Gente (si es que alguien lee esta vaina…)

Los dejo con las últimas aplicaciones antivirus que he probado, recomendadas por A2.
Si alguno está familiarizado con ellas me comenta.

– Ccleaner (de piriform)
– Malwarebytes
Vacuna USB de Panda

La 3ra me parece de bastante utilidad.

Pinball Venezuela Club

mayo 5, 2011

Hey pinheads,

La idea de esto es que sirva de punto de encuentro para los venezolanos interesados en el tema… por menos que seamos, y por menos que podamos hacer. Además de servir como archivo de material interesante que haya por ahí.

Ya he hablado anteriormente de pinballs en mi blog, pero llamar a esto “club” y tratar de agrupar a los fans de este deporte para nerds, creo que le confiere algo especial. Creo pudiéramos llegar a encontrar antros perdidos donde podamos jugar y hacer un torneo.


Un mini-documental*
Creo que está bueno para empezar con el tema.

Artículo: “The Champion Pub”, El Pinball más arrecho que he jugado

Clickea la imagen para ir a la reseña

Base de Datos de Pinball.
Esto es como IMDb, es un website vital, pero aburrido para los no entendidos.

Bang Back: The Pinball Movie Rough Trailer.
Una de esos documentales de bajo presupuesto de moda sobre el regreso de uno de los mejores jugadores.

Plastilina Mosh – “Human Disco Ball”
Clásico y genial videoclip de la banda mexicana.

Collector Porn: King of Pinball Machines Shares His Loot **
Artículo/galería sobre un coleccionista

Clickea la imagen para ir a la reseña

The Last Empire – Pinball Movie
Corto hecho a base del juego y sonidos del pinball Medival Madness… bastante fajado.

Playlist de promos de los pinballs.
Pendiente con los prototipos del supuesto sistema salvador de los pinballs: el Pinball 2000. De pana sus creadores le echaron bolas y desarrollaron algo bastante novedoso; y en los videos se aprecia el potencial que podían haber llegado a alcanzar.

Clickea la imagen para ir a la reseña

Vendedor en MercadoLibre
Ok, en lo relativo a Venezuela esto es lo mas relevante: ¡Hay un vendedor que tiene 12 modelos diferentes! Risiblemente, esto creo es lo más interesante que he visto de pinballs en el país… casi que status de leyenda urbana.
(Ojo, me parece que 17 palos por un pinball rosqueado está caro, no se desboquen)

Clickea la imagen para ir a la reseña

Reseña de un juego pa PC “Epic Pinball PC” (Ciro)

Evolución de los Pinballs
Colección de un pana, donde se puede entender de manera clara la evolución que han tenido las máquinas:

Grupo de Facebook:

– @mikegikal [Miguel]
@fuzuku [Luciano]
@alfrediux [Alfredo]
– @Samorius [Samoel]*
@gaidenlovesya [Jessica]
@jcam [Juan Carlos]
– @dogwasher08**
Mauro Trotta
@r0mul0f [Romulo]
– Daniel Supergamer
@chiguire [Ciro]
@karakenio [Sergio, yo]
Siéntase libres de unirse o recomendar gente.

Post original 25 abr 2010 “Cosas de Pinball”

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