NES Classic mod: Nintendo NES 2D by Karakenio


Made up box cover for the famicom unlicensed/bootleg(?) game ‘3D BLOCK’. For my mod v1.0.

So far I have made 15 NES & Famicom covers in 148 x 204 px (and horizontal), you can find them here:

These are the games I have create from scratch or redo to make them better:
▪ 3D Block
▪ A week of Garfield
▪ Baby Boomer
▪ Bases Loaded 3
▪ Captain Comic
▪ Castle of Deceit
▪ Crystal Mines
▪ Challenge Of The Dragon
▪ Formula 1 Sensation
▪ Impossible Mission II
▪ Samurai Spirits
▪ Scarabeus
▪ Sesame Street ABC & 123
▪ Summer Carnival 92 Recca
▪ Trolls In Crazyland

I found a real big file online (via an old reddit post*) with most of the covers on this set. I’m currently adding more covers to complete the gallery for my ideal NES roms:
– full US
– Unlicensed
– EUR only
– JP Only
– Homebrews
I think it will end up being like 1400 roms & covers.

Follows the design style Nintendo Uses.
Easy to edit, or add more games.
Uses full height posible on the NES Classic, 204 px.
    (or 228 px. weight for JP)

I’m currently working slowly on this, since I’m hacking my NES Classic. Leave a comment with your contacts if you want what I have so far, or want to contribute. I need help looking for the artworks, and filtering the roms.

I got my roms from Azvarel RetroGamer on Youtube. It contained artworks, but I think they weren’t thought for the NES Classic, and I didn’t liked them. 


Roms game list for Azvarel ROMS and othe rooms, in a Google Spreadsheet:
(you can leave comments there)

«un-dox  | 1 year ago
How about my personal collection? 1,168 NES, Famicom, and FDS covers done by me. The only games not included are the ones that require special controllers like the Zapper or Power Pad. Many of the covers do not have good-quality images (torn and frayed sections, sticker labels, scanner noise), so I went and fixed them to make them print quality. They are all in Mini’s dimensions, so all that necessary is to drag and drop into each game or stick them directly into game’s folder.

‘Nintendo NES 2D by Karakenio’ versions:

Version 1.0
●  1169 US, EUR & JP (unsorted)
● width for JP famicom 204 px. (needs fix)
● JP games float in center.

Version 1.1
On develop.

PD1. You can find more cover art sets on my post:
Compilation: The ultimate NES cover art sets for the NES/SNES Classic‘.

PD2. I’m also working on a mod that I think I’m going to call:
‘NES Minimal Mod By Karakenio’
(post comming soon).

PD3. If you need any design or pixel work, let me know!
Maybe a pixelart caricature?
or a loading image for the hakchi NES Classic?


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  1. Compilation: The ultimate NES cover art sets for the NES/SNES Classic | Karakenio: un tipo de Caracas Says:

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