Review: #STANGER2015 / Sugestions for the St Anger album by Metallica.

Very interesting and cool project. It needed to be done. Thanks.

Extra kudos for the video.

What I like the most is: «the album has been shortened by 15 minutes» !!

Of course, the drums are the second biggest improvement.

I’m going to do a review of the #StAnger2015 while I listen to it for the 2nd time (now in stereo with headphones).
And reviewing the #Stanger2003 as well. Adding my personal suggestions of how can it become more interesting to me. That’s actually what this is all about.

in general I feel the songs and album towards more to the genre punk, because of the production and the simpler compositions of the songs (they turn very repetitive), and the lack of solos.
They should have embraced the punk factor more properly.
But, the songs and album, sadly, turned out to last very very long.
St Anger has an average of 7 minutes per song.
1st Misfits album doesn’t have a song longer than 3 minutes.

This has had to be the shortest Metallica album (30 minutes max); since the band were in bad shape and bad ideas.

Anyway, here it is song by song.

01. FRANTIC [5:22] [original 5:50]
Still too long (gotta be 3 minutes, tops)

02. ST ANGER [6:37] [original 7:21] 
I think I still prefer the original.
They try to go numetal on this album. I say they gotta go full numetal on this one…
Would be cool to have a guest singer like Serj Tankian from SOAD.
Even keeping the guest vocalist here at the end on the #StAnger2015, ha, nice change.
And adding some guitar-solo touches.
Of course they gotta change the «you flush it out» thing.

03. SOME KIND OF MONSTER [5:26] [original 8:25] 
This is one of the best song of the album, but still doesn’t make it for me.
I think it has to be revisited by the original band.
Making it more «moody», «ambient», «soundtrackesque».
Maybe even adding some dialog from vintage terror movies.
Something different you know.
A good fix in #SA15 was to chop 3 minutes off of it!

04. DIRTY WINDOW [4:37] [original 5:24]
I think this one captures better the spirit the album should have had.
See, is a very straightforward song; Doesn’t feel like needing a solo (a diference with the 3 previous ones)
The laughs, and cowbells on this version are a good touch.
…still, the song ain’t good haha.
And still… is TOO LONG (gotta be like 3 minutes)

05. INVISIBLE KID [4:51] [original 8:30]
The intro of this song is my top5 of St Anger moments.
The song tittle and lyrics concept are good ones.
*24 minutes of this album* I got tired already =(
I mean, I can listen it completely, but it has become very monotonous.
Too long song (even with -3 minutes)

06. MY WORLD [5:29] [original 5:45]
The monotonous sound keeps going on.
I think the more interesting thing of this song is the voice, but it gets buried with the instruments, specially the drums.
There’s gotta be more moments when you dont hear all the instruments at the same time…
The song is over *Im going to listen to something else for a while*
(Remember I’m listening the album for the 2nd time in the same day. I feel like I’m in Guantanamo)

07. SHOOT ME AGAIN [5:13] [original 7:10]
If there’s a way to mutate this song into a more Death-Magnetic-vibe would be nice.
The detail at 35:48 is very nice! Refreshing.
The album should be full with details like this to help give a rest from the wall of sound, and make it more catchy in a way.

08. SWEET AMBER [5:05] [original 5:27]
The intro (al least) of Sweet Amber needs more acoustic vibe a’la Days Of The New.
Anyone else is able to visualize and dig this?
If it gets to become a more of and acoustic piece, would have turn out into something shorter and with more interesting lyrics.
Still too long for this ‘format’ and lyrics.

09. THE UNNAMED FEELING [6:37] [original 7:09] 
I preffer the original especially because of James voices (like in the St Anger song)
The 44:46 breakdown suits very well, I think is even more quiet/clean than the original.
This could have use acoustic guitar touches like Sweet Amber. Even… mix the 2 songs into one., with guitars solos and everything.
Does: Bleeding Me [8:18] and, The Outlaw Torn [+9:52] rings any bell?
Sweet Amber and Unnamed Feeling are still less than B-sides fon Metallica standars… c’mon!

10. PURIFY [4:41] [original 5:13] 
This one has to be taken out of the album(s).

11. ALL WITHIN MY HANDS [5:26] [original 8:49] 

This one could have been taken out of the album as well.
Or fuse it with Unnamed/Purify.
I would suggest 2 options for the remake of the album:
a) Ending it with the Amber/Unnamed piece (or 2 pieces working together).
b) Ending it with a heavy last song like Damage Inc. or Dyers Eve.

Besides cuts, production and remakes of the songs, St Anger needs to be revisited by the band to add better lyrics and vocal memoral moments; as well as guitar memorable moments… some mini numetal solos at least.

What you be better fo me than #StAnger2015?

a) Another remake with the sugestions in this post: #StAnger2016 !

b) A cover album made by other bands (Like the Master Of Puppets Remastered by Kerrang)

01. FRANTIC – Megadeth
02. ST ANGER – System Of A Down
04. DIRTY WINDOW – Godsmack
06. MY WORLD – Danzig
07. SHOOT ME AGAIN – Helmet
08. SWEET AMBER – Days Of The New
09. THE UNNAMED FEELING – Alice In Chains
10. PURIFY – Anthrax

c) A medley by Metallica to be played live.
I think this is the best way to redeem the album!
As I was looking forward to hear something like #StAnger2015 all these years, I still look foward for the Medley.




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