Respuesta del mailsito para WordPress (Algunas soluciones)

Esta es la respuesta que tuve por parte de la gente de WP, y mi respuesta consecuente, al testamento que les enviase hace unas semanas.

Hi Sheri

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 8:57 AM, Sheri – wrote:
> B) Well, let’s just report somewhere that a user ain’t happy with how the
> autosafe thing is going on.

Noted. However, I do also want you to know that we don’t get very many reports like this at all. I think some of the troubles you are having may be due to your computer and/or local network setup (which is tough to diagnose!).

> 1. Shift+enter
That should not happen. I tested it in a few different browsers, and I can’t reproduce this problem. Does that happen for you in every web browser, or is it limited to one?

Oh, in firefox is working good now! cool
In fact I make the sunday post on firefox because it works better copy/pasting texts and post; it mantains better the format.
Maybe there’s something to check and report to the Chrome people.

> 2. Drafts
> Would be nice to order the Drafts by autor. For example if I want to post of
> delete just mine ones (In the Zuplemento blog, we are like 10 autors, with a
> lot of drafts around)

I’ll pass this feedback along.

On the list of drafts, you can click the author name in the author column and it will filter to list only those by that author. Sort by columns is a feature we’re looking into, and we may add that in the future.

Perfect! thanks

> 3. Scroll
> 3.1 PLEASE make the main scroll (the website page) the post one, so there’s
> no scroll inside another scroll. That’s very anoying for long post, even for short ones ain’t a friendly user feature.
> I know there’s a full screen version button, but I don’t like that one, gets the text very spread, and loses the boxes of the sides.
> I think there can be achieved something better.
3.2 Could be great to work the posts with the final wide of the blog.

What about using the full screen option and just dragging the browser window to be smaller? Also, an offline editor may work better for you. Have you checked any of them out?

If you’re using the visual editor, you can try dragging the lower right corner of the editor in regular mode to make it taller.

I use to do that…
But, now what Im going to do is going to set it, VERY long; and taking the lower boxes and take then to the right.
I think I can work very good with this setting =)

> 4. The “insert link” window:
> 4.1 Is like… bigger than the space it was designed to (i guess) it has 2
> scrolls. Maybe I once played with the size, and haven’t be able to fix it
> again.
> 4.2 Would be better if the destiny options were show already, so I don’t
> have to make an extra link to look for then,
> 4.3 Also would be great if the options itself were the “ok” button already.
> This would make a 3 clicks step into 1 (a small part of my soul dies every
> time I do those 2 extra clicks)
> 4.4 Random problem to fix. Sometimes the window doesn’t pop out at all (and
> I have to click the button that apears on the image) this happens quite
> sometimes.

The insert link window shouldn’t be too big. Here’s what it should look like:

4.2 Sorry, I’m not sure about the ‘destiny options’… I think you mean target? That defaults to a normal link, so you don’t have to select anything there if you just want to keep a normal link behavior.

4.3 Try typing in the URL and then hitting the Enter key to save a mouse click.

4.4 Make sure you have selected text. The link button won’t work unless you have selected text.

This shouldn’t happen. Increasing the text size in your browser could cause something like this.

4.1 This is how it look to me in Chrome and Firefox:
Could be the language?

4.2 Yeah, the target.
I usually tend to use it to open in another window (_black)
For example I find an awesome thing on the web I want to share, so I link to it and send the people there, without it replacing my blog with the new site.
So, I have to do 2 steps for this:
a) setting how I want the link to behave
b) and click the Insert (ok) button.

What Im saying is, that if woulb be better if having 2 OK buttons; one “Insert in the same page” and the other “Insert in external window”
(could be something graphic)
I’m sure if you change it this way, more people are going to select the “external” one.
That would be an advantage to the owners of the blog, and to wordpress!!
Your losing people (visits) on your site with actual standar.

4.3 Above (4.2 and 4.4 are about the same matter) Thanks for the tip.

4.4 This one is weird… Im going to pay attention when it happens again.

> 5. When adding an imagen:
> Don’t like the extra click for the tabs. I usually use URL. At least would be cool if the user (or system) could determine hes most used tabs, to show then 1st.

I’ll pass this one along.


> 6 When replacing an imagen:
> 6.1 I end up having an extra click (even extra scroll) when going to “edit
> image” to “advanced options”
> I use a lot “URL” on the first tab and “source” on the second. Those are
> practically the features I use the most. Would be great if people could
> arrange the order acording to their needs. Or disabling the ones never used
> (like many for me!)
> So, the edit image windows is very unfriendly user for me, anoying-level,
> because of the intense use I give to it.

We’re working to improve the media features and make all of the media related experiences better. This will take a bit of time, but we know they can be better and it is a focus of ours right now.


> 6.2 Scroll on pop-up windows, tend to be visually waste me (this might be a very personal impresion, but applies as a design matter as well) but really waste you when you have to scroll to get to an OK button!

Good point. Again, hopefully we can improve some things like that with the media updates we’re working on.


> 6.3 I tend to use also the size feature (width/height) to achieve the witdh
> of my blog.
> Let’s say I have an image 800px wide, so, I go and adjust the width to
> 440px; and go to the height an leave it blank so it contrain the proportions
> (extra anoying step). Would be cool to have some buttons to adjut this
> without typing the number everytime.

Will pass this through to our team.

> There’s a problem regarding Image window and size. If I do something like
> the example before, then close the window, and then go back again to add an
> URL and hit OK; it loose the adjustments I had made to the image size, and
> it goes back to the original (800px). So… I have to go back to the image
> window!… go back to the tab!… erase 800px!… put 440px!… go to heit
> size!… erase it!… and scroll to OK button, all again. (My life is
> miserable, yeah)

Okay, another note for the media features. :)


> 6.4. I can’t determine if the properties of the URL im giving to the image, so I have to go to the link pop-up to determine it. That’s like 4 extra clicks, plus time, plus focus mental energies (if I’m making the proccess many times)

I hadn’t considered that actually. Not sure if we can change that, but will pass the suggestion along.

You should actually be able to see the properties of the image (including the URL) right in the edit image area.

I mean, if I add an 1000px image, I adjust it to 440px, but can’t set it to open in another window when clicked. Can’t do that neither in ADD nor in EDIT windows. I have to go to the LINK window and do the 4.2/4.3 process.

> 7. An alternative for pop-up windows
> When going to put images, videos, audio or links, I would love to be able to do this more quick witouth waiting for a pop-up window.
> Could be achieved with aditionals buttons & text fields.
> This would be something apreciated by people who use wordpress a lot. The ones who are used to it, and now prefer something fast instead of fancy and explicative (that who could be find also).
> I prefer:
> click, click= done! click, click= done! click, click, click= done!
> instead of:
> click, wait, click, scroll, click, wait, done! click, wait, click, scroll,
> click, wait, done! click, wait… click, scroll, click, click, wait… done!

Translation: less clicks. :) Okay, will pass this along.

I mean the the place where you add, for example: LINKS or IMAGES can look like a “search fields” that are always present when typing (under font color, or at its rigth). Maybe I can hide/show them (like when minimizing the boxes on the sides!)
Adding links and images should be a very easy & mecanic process. Because is very repetitive to some, and very basic in posting.
I’m thinking in something like:
a) PASTE the thing in the field and
b) CLICK the posting option

> E) Weird Errors:
> Sometimes when I am editing a post, I copy a text and paste it, let’s say,
> in a lower part of the post. But what gets pasted is just a word or a phrase
> of the entire paragraph. eg.
> Ctrl+x= “poiuytrewqlkjhgfdsamnbvcxz”
> Ctrl+v= “mnbv”
> The rest just dissapear. I try, and try to do the process again, but with
> the same result. I end up having to go to html to be able to copy the entire
> thing.

This could be a result of underlying html in what you pasted that is not compatible with the editor. To get around it, you can paste into the HTML editor and then switch back to Visual to format the text, you can paste the content into a local plain text editor first, or you can try an offline editor. Offline editors are especially good if you’re running into a lot of browser specific issues (like trouble with autosaves) or if you are copying and pasting a lot of content from other sources.

This really shouldn’t happen. The case I mentioned before would actually be pretty rare and pretty specific. If you can reproduce this, a screencast would be pretty helpful so we can see the problem in action.

OH! I did it. It just happened! It was copying from gmail to wordpress.
But, As I said, it had happened to me copying things from the SAME POST, lets say from bottom part to an upper part. Here’s the screencast

> F) Thanks for the screen shot tip. I was refearing to video actually; would be more explicative, but haven’t made it beacuse I would lose more time, ha.
> Like writing this mail. I hope my needs & tips become priorities objetives for the developers staff.

Some of these things already are priorities! :) We appreciate your feedback and I will pass these things along to our team.


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Thanks for your time.


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