Un mailsito para la gente de WordPress, FML

Si alguien me puede ayudar a corregir la traducción porfa, para enviarlo. Gracias

Hi Sheri

A) No, the post weren’t there. Thanks.

B) Well, let’s just report somewhere that a user ain’t happy with how the autosafe thing is going on.

C) “There is an autosave of this page that is more recent than the version below”
That’s totally random… the’re no especific conditions when this happens, can’t tell you.
Let’s say I turn on the computer/ go to Chrome/ Blog/ Control Panel/ Entries/ The one I was working with/ and I got that message.

D) Fixing problems and improvement the system. Ok this is long.

1. Shift+enter
When I press Shift+enter, to make “half of an Enter jump”, which I do it A LOT. The command does his function… But then it leads me to the top of the post (but the cursor stay in place). I remember it didn’t happened in previous versions of WordPress. Absurdly anoying.

2. Drafts
Would be nice to order the Drafts by autor. For example if I want to post of delete just mine ones (In the Zuplemento blog, we are like 10 autors, with a lot of drafts around)

3. Scroll
3.1 PLEASE make the main scroll (the website page) the post one, so there’s no scroll inside another scroll. That’s very anoying for long post, even for short ones ain’t a friendly user feature.
I know there’s a full screen version button, but I don’t like that one, gets the text very spread, and loses the boxes of the sides.
I think there can be achieved something better.
3.2 Could be great to work the posts with the final wide of the blog.

4. The “insert link” window:
4.1 Is like… bigger than the space it was designed to (i guess) it has 2 scrolls. Maybe I once played with the size, and haven’t be able to fix it again.
4.2 Would be better if the destiny options were show already, so I don’t have to make an extra link to look for then,
4.3 Also would be great if the options itself were the “ok” button already. This would make a 3 clicks step into 1 (a small part of my soul dies every time I do those 2 extra clicks)
4.4 Random problem to fix. Sometimes the window doesn’t pop out at all (and I have to click the button that apears on the image) this happens quite sometimes.

5. When adding an imagen:
Don’t like the extra click for the tabs. I usually use URL. At least would be cool if the user (or system) could determine hes most used tabs, to show then 1st.

6 When replacing an imagen:
6.1 I end up having an extra click (even extra scroll) when going to “edit image” to “advanced options”
I use a lot “URL” on the first tab and “source” on the second. Those are practically the features I use the most. Would be great if people could arrange the order acording to their needs. Or disabling the ones never used (like many for me!)
So, the edit image windows is very unfriendly user for me, anoying-level, because of the intense use I give to it.
6.2 Scroll on pop-up windows, tend to be visually waste me (this might be a very personal impresion, but applies as a design matter as well) but really waste you when you have to scroll to get to an OK button!
6.3 I tend to use also the size feature (width/height) to achieve the witdh of my blog.
Let’s say I have an image 800px wide, so, I go and adjust the width to 440px; and go to the height an leave it blank so it contrain the proportions (extra anoying step). Would be cool to have some buttons to adjut this without typing the number everytime.
There’s a problem regarding Image window and size. If I do something like the example before, then close the window, and then go back again to add an URL and hit OK; it loose the adjustments I had made to the image size, and it goes back to the original (800px). So… I have to go back to the image window!… go back to the tab!… erase 800px!… put 440px!… go to heit size!… erase it!… and scroll to OK button, all again. (My life is miserable, yeah)
6.4. I can’t determine if the properties of the URL im giving to hte image, so I have to go to the link pop-up to determine it. That’s like 4 extra clicks, plus time, plus focus mental energies (if I’m making the proccess many times)

7. An alternative for pop-up windows
When going to put images, videos, audio or links, I would love to be able to do this more quick witouth waiting for a pop-up window.
Could be achieved with aditionals buttons & text fields.
This would be something apreciated by people who use wordpress a lot. The ones who are used to it, and now prefer something fast instead of fancy and explicative (that who could be find also).
I prefer:
click, click= done! click, click= done! click, click, click= done!
instead of:
click, wait, click, scroll, click, wait, done! click, wait, click, scroll, click, wait, done! click, wait… click, scroll, click, click, wait… done!

E) Weird Errors:
Sometimes when I am editing a post, I copy a text and paste it, let’s say, in a lower part of the post. But what gets pasted is just a word or a phrase of the entire paragraph. eg.
Ctrl+x= “poiuytrewqlkjhgfdsamnbvcxz”
Ctrl+v= “mnbv”
The rest just dissapear. I try, and try to do the process again, but with the same result. I end up having to go to html to be able to copy the entire thing.

F) Thanks for the screen shot tip. I was refearing to video actually; would be more explicative, but haven’t made it beacuse I would lose more time, ha. Like writing this mail. I hope my needs & tips become priorities objetives for the developers staff.



6 comentarios to “Un mailsito para la gente de WordPress, FML”

  1. S A M O R Says:

    FML? Fisting Male League?

  2. karakenio [Ze] Says:

    First Master Lord

    (En verdad no sabes que es FML?)


  3. Luciano Says:

    Hey Ze. Lei el post. Aunque no entendi mucho, lo fui leyendo a ver donde se podia mejorar y esta pretty much flawless, menos en esta parte, en la inicial, aunque creo que luego dices algo sobre eso:

    1. Shift+enter
    When I press Shift+enter, to make “half of an Enter jump”, which I do it A LOT. “It’s get made”, but its leds me to the top of the post “(but the cursor stay in place)”. I remember it didn’t happened in previous versions of WordPress. Absurdly anoying.

    Ahora que lo volvi a leer, entendi lo que se quiere decir ahí. Pero justo ahora no me acuerdo de como ponerlo bien, he. Capaz funionaria mejor “The command does his function” y despues “But then it leads me to” –
    y “but the cursor stays in it´s place”.

    Creo que así quedaría perfecto. Avisame cualquier cosa. Rawk.

  4. karakenio [Ze] Says:

    Fixed & sended. Aunque me faltó una que agregaste ahora. Thx
    Esperemos a ver si ocurre magia.


  5. mandorlino Says:

    Verga, te fajaste mucho escribiendo esa vaina. Lo de shift y enter es una ladilla. Lamentablemente no creo que vayan a hacer mucho, esos fallos ya llevan tiempo rodando.

  6. karakenio [Ze] Says:

    Yo nunca dije nada, porque imaginada lo arreglarían eventualmente; pero les escribí por otro peo y la jeva que dijo que querían escuchar todas mis inquietudes.
    Todavía espero mi respuesta.



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