Canción de la Semana [25 Mar 2007]

[19-25 mar]
Megadeth – “Symphony of Destruction (Live in Buenos Aires)”
Type O Negative – “Black No.1”
Velvet Revolver – “Fall To Pieces”

Nuevas “Canción de la Semana”!!
Ahora con lyrics incluidos para que los leas mientras ves los videos en YouTube!!
Buscalos gratis en la parte de abajo!!

Megadeth – “Symphony Of Destruction (4:54)

You take a mortal man,
And put him in control
Watch him become a god,
Watch peoples heads aroll

Just like the pied piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes,
Swaying to the symphony…
Of destruction

Acting like a robot,
Its metal brain corrodes.
You try to take its pulse,
Before the head explodes.


The earth starts to rumble
World powers fall
Awarring for the heavens,
A peaceful man stands tall

*La versión en Argentina tienes unos extras en las letras que tienes que apreciar en el video =)
Type O Negative – “Black No.1” (10:05)

She’s in love with herself.
She likes the dark.
On her milk white neck.
The Devil’s mark.
It’s all Hallows Eve.
The moon is full.
Will she trick or treat.
I bet she will.

She’s got a date at midnight.
With Nosferatu.
Oh baby, Lilly Munster.
Ain’t got nothing on you.
Well when I called her evil.
She just laughed.
And cast that spell on me.
Boo Bitch Craft.

Yeah you wanna go out ‘cause it’s raining and blowing.
You can’t go out ‘cause your roots are showing.
Dye em black.
Black no. 1

Little wolf skin boots.
And clove cigarettes.
An erotic funeral.
For witch she’s dressed.
Her perfume smells like.
Burning leaves.
Everyday is Halloween.

Loving you was like loving the dead.

Velvet Revolver – “Fall To Pieces”

It’s been a long year
Since you’ve been gone
I’ve been alone here
I’ve grown old
I fall to pieces, I’m falling
Fell to pieces and I’m still falling

Every time I’m falling down
All alone I fall to pieces

I keep a journal of memories
I’m feeling lonely, I can’t breathe
I fall to pieces, I’m falling
Fell to pieces and I’m still falling

All the years I’ve tried
With more to go
Will the memories die
I’m waiting
Will I find you
Can I find you
We’re falling down
I’m falling



Una respuesta to “Canción de la Semana [25 Mar 2007]”

  1. Blas Says:

    Que hubo bro, están bien finos los dibujos, el primero que se vuela el miembro es muy roquero jajajaja, te felicito por tu sentido del humor

    Vaya pana, gracias por la publicación del Flyer del Scream Fest Vol I, espero verte por alla,

    Pa lante hermano, seguimos trabajando,



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